A Polish Wedding…

For the August bank holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I visited Poland for 5 days for his friends wedding. The lovely couple live in the UK, but the bride is originally from Poland and has a lot of family that still live there.

We flew Polish LOT airlines, with who I’d never flown before and the plane was old but comfortable into Warsaw airport. We made the short walk to the train station to get on the train to Wieliszew (the station closest to our hotel). From there we can get a taxi to the hotel (or so we thought!)

The train to Wieliszew took about an hour and a half and from Zloty to pounds worked out at about £2 each one way – incredible compared to English prices! Plus the train was really comfortable and clean.

We got off onto the platform expecting there to be a queue of taxis ready to whisk us away to our hotel – that wasn’t to be! The ‘platform’ was a grass verge in the middle of nowhere, no taxi to be seen. We start heading down a road which according to Google Maps should take us to the nearest town, said road went into the woods and turned into a dirt track, our talk then turned to whether or not Poland has bears or wolves (it turns out it does have the latter!!!). We came across a small log cabin which looked creepy and deserted – like something straight out a horror film!  

It was warm, around the late 20’s, and we starting to get really hot and tired after dragging our suitcases for about half an hour when we stumbled upon a road and managed to track a lady down who didn’t speak a word of English, but we managed to communicate with her and she called us a cab to get us to the hotel. I think she felt sorry for us or thought that we were nuts!

Dora the Explorer getting lost in the woods!

We stayed here in a very grand and imposing hotel set near a lake, the entrance hall was really opulent and palatial and the parkland it was set in was really lovely. It was hot in Poland, hotter than I thought,when I think of Poland I think of snow, log cabins, maybe skiing but I was so wrong! Because of this, the thing that I felt the hotel was missing was a pool, it had a lovely spa, with a Jacuzzi (which unfortunately I didn’t have time to try out but it didn’t have an indoor or outdoor pool.)

On our first evening we walked as a group of about 30, to a local pizzeria the walk was deceptively long and again led us down a track (the Polish love an unmade road it seems!) until we stumbled upon our restaurant. It looked like someones house crossed with an alpine lodge, there was pine EVERYWHERE nevertheless it was charming, the food was good (we were starving having not eaten lunch) and it was very cheap. On the way back I found out that Polish roads and high heeled wedges don’t mix very well and I ended up breaking my shoes! 

The Wedding

The following day was the wedding day, after a lazy morning (though some of the group did Go Ape!) we all got dressed up and headed to the entrance where a coach was picking us up to take us to the church. The ceremony was a beautiful Catholic ceremony in a nearby village. 

Back at the hotel it was time for the wedding breakfast which was a three course meal accompanied by a LOT of vodka, which was used as toasts during the speech. After dinner the food kept on coming every 2 hours on the dot a course was served at the table (a long with a shot of vodka of course!) The last course was served at 3am!! After lots of dancing I stumble up to bed and have a much needed lie in the following morning.

Next I spent 24 hours in Warsaw… Coming soon!






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